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Embedded Ada Journey 001 - Finding a starting point

I want to learn ADA language and also start doing embedded applications, so I was looking around to see if I can get THE book or THE website/blog to start doing things. In the end, I couldn’t find anything good enough. Maybe since I didn’t have any clear idea from where to start… Anyway, so I decided to first think about what applications I wanted to do.

  • Image/ Video processing
  • Audio/ voice processing
  • SD/DMA applications

Those were my options. So after some research in internet about development platforms I decided to buy the STM32F746G-discovery link. And the reasons were the following:

  • Tons of peripherals (including USB ports, SD connector, audio inputs/outputs)
  • ADA platform support more info here
  • LCD screen
  • Not that expensive, about 55 euros.

Now that I got my hardware it was time to install the other things: debugger, cross-compiler, something to flash the platform.

  • OpenOCD 0.10.0 as debugger link
  • GNAT for arm as cross-compiler link
  • ST-link as flasher or programmer, if you are using archlinux, just download from repositories, otherwise just go to GitHub and clone it link

For my development I just use GDB and VIM. This is the end of the first episode. I’ll keep documenting my embedded ADA journey.


I am not an expert in embedded systems yet, so some information here may be wrong or incomplete.

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