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Sync Taskwarrior with Dropbox

I found this tool called Task Warrior, which I think is pretty impressive. I have been using that for a while, and now I wanted to sync my phone, and my two laptops. By the way, I use Manjaro with XFCE.

  • First install Dropbox
$ yaourt -S dropbox

A better option, in my opinion, would be a GitHub private repo, because it’s a lightweight solution, secure enough, it has version control and have no space limitation (I won’t use more than a few kilobytes, but still). But I don’t have money yet for that.

  • Lauch Dropbox and link your PC
$ dropbox 

A tab will be opened in your browser, and from there you just log in and the PC will be linked.

  • Move tasks information to Dropbox
$ cd ~/Dropbox/
$ mkdir -p task
$ cd task/
$ cp -r ~/.task/  ./
  • Change the path of the data location in ~/.taskrc

The synchronization between laptops is done, but I’m still thinking a efficient way to do it with my phone. So far I can only read the task from Dropbox, which is not that useful.

Anyway, here is how I read from Dropbox. First I had to extract from the file the data, I think, is relevant: Project and Task. In order to do so, I made a basic script

# Just for the sake of
# this blog, this file
# is in several lines

cat  | 
    sed  -r 's/.*description:"(.*)" 
        status.*/\2: \1/g;' |
     sort > Pending.txt
  • The output is as follows
$ cat Pending.txt 
ResProject: table of contents
VuC: Exercise Example Kubernetes

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