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Daniel Paredes

Software Engineer

  I’m a Senior Software Engineer at Q-Beyond, based in Cologne, GE. I’m working on embedded systems projects with BLE, 2G and Embedded Linux.

On my freetime currently working on

TinyML applications for STM32F746G and ESP32-EYE. Exploring tensorflow lite/micro, Cube-AI from ST Microelectronics and low-power video/audio/autoencoders applications.

why not combine my two areas of expertise :)


2020- Qbeyond AG Senior Software Engineer
Tools: Git, CI/CD, Docker, Embeded Linux, Python, C, Test-Driven Development, Bulding systems (CMake, Make, Rake), Ruby, Python, Bash.

  • Development of features for home automation devices. Linux based gateways with wifi (through MQTT) and radio (823 MHz) connectivity and end-point devices based on STM32 M0 with radio (823 MHz) connectivity. In charge also of the maintenance of radio protocol repository. Development with Keil and Gitlab-CI.
  • Development of a debugging tool for a Propetary Android Device based on a Rockchip processor with disable Android Debug Bridge. Used Binary Walk and Bash to read the raw flash memory; search, extract and mount the Linux F2FS filesystem; extract relevant databases and csv files, and show them in the terminal.
  • Development of a POC (proof of concept) with the MSP430 microcontroller from TI, a LPWA module from Quectel and 2G in C. Developed a interface between a pump (UART) and Cloud (MQTT).
  • Development of small test gateway based on a DA1468X Dialog MCU for communication between devices based on DA1468X and Cloud (REST). The development involved Python and C.
  • Worked in the development of a industrial gateway using Python based Embedded Linux and the Teamviewer API.
  • In charge of writing the code guidelines for C, dockerizing the toolchain for MPS430 and Dialog MCUs, and dockerizing Ceedling (a C test framework).
  • In charge of automating the code quality assurance using Docker. Check that the code follows our code guidelines. Control of the code complexity. Inspection of the code using static analysis tools. The development was mainly in Bash, Docker and Gitlab CI/CD.
  • Development of tests for a industrial gateway that uses the BACnet Protocol. The development was in Javascript and Bash.
  • Development of the Build system for industrial gateways using Gitlab CI/CD.
  • Working on the development of industrial gateways for the Automation Industry. The technologies involved in this project Websockets, Bacnet Protocol and MQTT. The gateways code is in C, but runs on embedded linux.

2018-2019 IDiaL Institute (Dortmund, DE) Working student
Topics: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Embedded Linux.
Development was done in C++, CMake, Docker, python, Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), Raspbian, OpenCV, and Yocto.

  • Maintainer of the rover-app repository related to Eclipse Kuksa project.
  • Development computer vision based control system for Rover (small vehicule based on RPI3) using OpenCV and C.
  • Development of the docker image for the rover-app.

2015-2017 Wolfram Research Developer.

  • Development of algorithms for “Wolfram Mathematica” in C++ for language support.
  • Development of “Wolfram Alpha” project. Added support to language database.

2013 Embedded Electronic Systems Research (Rouen, FR) Intern.
Topics: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Embedded Systimes.
Development was done MATLAB, C and Assembler (SIMD).

  • Development of a computer vision algorithm to remove occlusions on images and videos from omnidirectional cameras. The development was using machine learning algorithms based on Markov Random Fields in MATLAB, C and SIMD.
  • From this development two papers were published.


2017-2020 University of Applied Science and Arts Dortmund Master Embedded Systems for Mechatronics.

2012-2014 Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru MSc. Digital Signal and Image Processing. Patter Recognition, Machine Learning, Parallel Computing.

2016-2011 Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru BSc. Electronic engineering.


2017- Personal blog.

2017- Embedded systems related blog.

2020- Al fondo a la derecha podcast. Recently I started working on this proyect with some friends from USA and Peru. We talk about practical tips based on finances, social psychology and marketing.


2014 Junior Researcher on feature maching algorithms in MATLAB and C for Principal Component Pursuit (PCP) analysis.


2013 Daniel Paredes, Paul Rodriguez, Nicolas Ragot, “Catadioptric Omnidirectional Image Inpainting via a Multi-Scale Approach and Image Unwrapping”, IEEE International Symposium on Robotic and Sensors Environments (ROSE), (Washington, DC, EE. UU.) pp 67–72, October, 2013.

2013 Daniel Paredes, Paul Rodriguez, “Multi-scale Image Inpainting with Label Selection Based on Local Statistics”, European Signal and Image Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), (Marrakesh, Morroco), pp. 1-5, September, 2013

Technical skills

  • C, C++, SIMD
  • Docker
  • CMake, Make, Rake
  • Bash
  • Git, CI/CD, Test-Driven Development
  • Python, Ruby
  • JS, HTML and CSS
  • LaTeX
  • UNIX

Areas of expertise

  • Embedded Systems
  • Machine learning
  • Data visualisation
  • Software development
  • Parallel Computing


  • Filmmaking/ Photography
  • Parkour
  • Harmonica


  • Spanish
  • English
  • German



Available on request.