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About Us

Why we care

Embedded Systems are cool and fun. And more than anything else, easy.

But it's a sad fact that most of the content/information out there is not easy to process.
Specially for a beginner.

We are a community that wants to spread knowledge.
Our goal is to make our content as easy as possible to understand.

We don't want you to decipher tutorials, guides or books to learn.

How Can You Take Part

in the Community

Spread the Word

Let people know about this proyect.
And how can they support us.

Buy books directly from us

We use Amazon Associates Program to support our website.
Check our booklist. You can find there a great collection to go to the next level.

Write a Post

You can also write a post or tutorial. There are three ways to do it:

1. Send us an email:
Write a post in Markdown format and send us by mail to [email protected].
You can find the template with instructions HERE.

2. Create a pull request on Github.
The instructions are in HERE.
You will find the README file with instructions at the bottom.

3. Write it in any text format
We don't recommend this. Because it will take some time to convert it into our format.
But if you want to collaborate. Then write the post and send us by mail to [email protected].

Improve the Website

Right now, there are no web-developers or graphic/UI-designers in our team.
Some of us have software development and marketing experience.
We try our best to give you the best experience.

If you have ideas to improve this site.
We want to hear from you.

Don't be shy. Take Part

We are sure that the comunnity will really appreciate it ;).

Still Not Sure?

If you still don't know how you can help. No problem.
Send us a mail to [email protected]
And let's us know your interest! :)

Thank For Your Help!

We learn together!

We improve together!